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Planning your kitchen island.

Turner Contracting Services loves working with our clients to bring their dreams for a kitchen renovation to reality! Our team works tirelessly to make sure every detail is taken care of from start to finish. One item that we tend to encounter in most kitchens we see is the function of the kitchen island. We love the information that Yanic Simard shares in his article on HOUZZ about how to plan out spacing for your kitchen island. We thought you would like it to.....

I recently heard a story about a homeowner who had a major design regret. During a previous renovation, she elected to put all four counter stools on the same side of her kitchen island, a frequent spot for her family meals. This left her with a beautiful look but turned out to be an unfortunate mistake from a functional perspective. That’s because she now has to choose between having everyone in her family face in one direction like strangers in a diner and having to pull around a stool to sit on the wrong side of the island, with her knees bumping up against cabinets for the sake of family bonding.

Don’t let a good visual get in the way of functionality. Before you renovate or give your island an update, consider these options for how to choose the best dining arrangement to save your household — and your knees — a lot of bumps down the road. KEEP READING...

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