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How much does a Bathroom remodel cost in Charlotte?

Buyers on TV house hunting shows may not be able to overlook unattractive bathrooms, but plenty of real-life buyers don’t have the same problem. Many people buy homes in Charlotte with outdated or just plain ugly bathrooms and eagerly make plans to renovate them.

Although you may know that you want to get rid of the aqua toilet or add a steam shower to the bathroom, it can be difficult to estimate just how much your renovation will cost. These remodeling estimates will help you determine how much money you’ll need to spend to create a modern, attractive bathroom.


You can expect to pay $45,000-$65,000 for an upscale bathroom remodel in the Charlotte, NC metro area, according to Remodeling’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report. That figure includes:

  • Expansion of a 35-square-foot bathroom to 100-square-feet within the home’s existing footprint

  • Relocation of all fixtures

  • 42 x 42” neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls and a frameless shower enclosure

  • Recessed shower caddy and body spray fixtures in the shower

  • Free-standing soaker tub

  • Two mirrored, lighted medicine cabinets

  • Stone countertop with two sinks

  • Custom drawer bases and cabinets

  • Water closet with one-piece toilet

  • Exhaust fan

  • Ceramic floor tiles with electric in-floor heating

  • General and task lighting

  • Extended heating, venting and air-conditioning systems


Of course, your actual costs will vary depending on the size of your bathroom and the features and amenities you choose. If you don’t need or want a 100-square-foot space, you’ll save a little money, while a larger bathroom will obviously increase your budget.

Smart home features make your bathroom more comfortable, but they do come at a price. For many homeowners, the value of smart features more than makes up for a small bump in the budget. Smart home features can be used to:

  • Automate Your Shower: When you’re ready to take a shower, simply click an app on your phone. When you walk through the bathroom door, warm water will already be flowing from the shower. Smart showers remember your temperature preferences, ensuring that the water is never too hot or cold.

  • Adjust the Lighting: Turn the bathroom lights on or off or adjust their intensity with voice commands or your smartphone.

  • Install Motion-Activated Faucets: Motion-activated faucets offer convenience and may help you reduce your water bill.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? Turner Contracting Services can help you create the ultimate guest or master bathroom. Call us to discuss your needs!

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