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How do you BUY remodeling?

Updated: Nov 2, 2017

Every remodel starts with a dream of a fabulous new room or space that you've always wanted. Pinterest boards are made and the fun and exciting part of dreaming includes limitless possibilities where there are no obstacles or concerns! The question of “how much will it cost” is another story. As consumers, we want to know quickly what things will cost. The problem with buying remodeling is that we typically want to know how much the job will cost before we have actually finalized the details for what we are buying.

It is very common for homeowners to ask us how much a project will cost. However, often times answering that question can be very difficult. If you were to ask how much a car would cost at a local dealership, you would like be met with a response of "well it depends on what you want" or "it can range from $15k-$50k", which would be a fair estimate. A kitchen remodel may not be much different. The answer to the question "how much will a kitchen renovation cost" could be anywhere from $15k-$50k or much more! The type and quality of cabinets, selection of countertop material, value of the sink and faucet and type and pattern of the floor finish all play an enormous role in the overall investment and subtle changes to this scope can have a huge financial impact!

When homeowners ask remodelers for an Estimate, what are they really asking for? The dictionary defines an estimate as a “rough calculation” or a "guess". The definition of Rough is “hastily done” or “incomplete”! The estimate may be somewhat helpful to get the discussion going with your family, however, it can NOT be the basis for selecting a remodeler nor does it put you any closer to signing contracts!

Purchasing a car as we mentioned earlier has a distinct advantage to remodeling…you can see it, touch it and test drive it! With remodeling, the best we can do is to draw pictures of it and tell a story about it! Turner Contracting Services believes there are three components that every client needs prior to signing a contract. The first is the design- what the space will look like after the remodel. The second is the job scope- a document that clearly states everything that is included AND not included in the new remodel. Finally, we need to understand the cost- the precise investment based on existing conditions, the new design and the job scope specifications- this is NOT an estimate! We believe we are helping you invest in your home, and an investment like this should come with enough information with every detail covered. Together, these three components make up what we call the Comprehensive Project Evaluation (CPE).

As homeowners, we are conditioned to ask for an “estimate”. Let’s demand more than a "rough calculation" or a "guess”! Being cautious and thorough on the front end will keep you from becoming surprised and disappointed after your remodel. Understand and appreciate exactly what you are buying!! We would love to begin a discussion with you about your home remodel dreams, and help you understand the FULL picture of what that remodel will look like, both in your home and in your bank account.

Concept taught by Brian Alltman.

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