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Full House Renovation

We had such fun with this project!! These clients contacted us about a house that she inherited that had been sitting empty for almost a year. When we first did our site visit and walk through, the to-do list was pretty extensive! The green carpet was lovely back in the day, but now with stains and smells everywhere, it had to go. The bathrooms were outdated and yucky too. "Everything must go!" is what we were told....and it's just what we did! Enjoy these before and after shots!

The living room had a slanted wall with an old wood burning fireplace on it. There were concerns about the safety of the fireplace, so we suggested that it be removed all together, opening up more floor space in the living room! Our clients LOVED the idea! We took the whole thing out, removed the wall, took down the chimney and patched the roof. Never can tell there ever was a fireplace now!

Hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as our clients did!! We would love to hear what your favorite part of the transformation is.....the flooring? the bath vanities? the kitchen? the wall color?! Leave us a comment!

Turner Contracting Services loves tackling whole house renovations like this one in the Charlotte area, so please give us a call so we can chat about your next project!

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