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Design Build model gaining traction!

The design-build method is gaining traction in both residential and commercial construction, and for good reason, it works! If you are considering a home renovation or addition, you need to engage with a contractor who utilizes a Design-Build model of construction.

There are many reasons why this is the best way to approach a renovation project:

True Accountability. One party (the builder/remodeler in this case) is accountable for the entire project. No more finger pointing. The builder sets out clear expectations and manages the process from beginning to end. This allows the homeowner, design professionals, and other parties on the team to focus on what they are good at and leave coordination, pricing and scheduling up to the builder.  Expertise. By having a team of professionals working together from the beginning you receive expert feedback around all aspects of the project. The right team of professionals will have mutual respect for each other and lean on one another for advice from the very beginning. This collaboration of experts brings tremendous value to the client.   Better Communication. Design-Build firms tend to work with the same group of professionals over and over again so communication breakdowns are less likely. The builder has complete control of the process and therefore can control the flow of information. There is less waiting for information and decisions.  Saves Time & Money. Bidding and estimating, in the traditional sense, is time consuming especially if you're just another bidder that has been brought to the table by an architect, designer or homeowner. You can easily get caught in the quagmire of ballpark pricing, re-quoting, changes to design, etc. Design-Build firms however tend to have a very good handle on their pipeline, design needs, and timelines for delivery. They structure the process to avoid unnecessary guesswork and requoting. By getting it right in the early design phase they dramatically reduce the time spent producing accurate project budgets. These are just a few reasons why the design-build method is being embraced by builders, remodelers, homeowners and design professionals. If you have been thinking about a renovation project in the Charlotte area, contact Turner Contracting Services today so we can begin the conversation!

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