You Call Us!

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The first step is for YOU to pick up the phone or shoot us an email to get this party started!

You give us a Thumbs Up!

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Once we have agreed upon the scope of work and the final cost for your project, you give us the Thumbs Up and we will get the ball rolling!  Once we have a signed contract, we move into scheduling and getting your project ready to begin!

Let's Meet!

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We will schedule a free in-home design consultation to begin learning about your dreams and ideas and talking through your project. 

We send a Quote!

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After our initial meeting, we will work together to gather as much information as possible to help us accurately and appropriately estimate the costs for your project.  We take time to go over all the details so that we can present you with the most accurate quote we can.  We know how much it stinks to have costs creep up on you in the middle of a renovation project, so we try to minimize that as much as possible by planning ahead!  

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