At Turner Contracting Services, we look to hire the best in our industry for all areas of our firm, including project coordination, administration and production. Please read the listings for opportunities available. If you don’t see one that matches your qualifications, please feel free to submit your résumé and a cover letter to Lindsey@TurnerContractingServices.com stating your qualifications and the position you’re interested in for future consideration.

Project Manager




Assist with coordinating pre-construction and project meetings to provide support in all areas of project management, working closely with the Production Manager

Assist with job scheduling, subcontractor communication and oversight and all project documentation

Maintain all project files: drawings/renderings, submittals maintenance manuals, punch-lists, purchase orders and correspondence

Maintain a presence on-site to ensure overall quality control measures are in place

  • Recognize and enforce quality standards

  • Review projects daily to ensure readiness for next trade

  • Walk each completed project before the homeowner walk-through to make sure the home is complete and clean and meets standards of quality; prep project for final inspections and walk-throughs

  • Assure the quality of workmanship and that all work is in accordance with the plans and specifications

  • Note outstanding Pre-Completion Checklist items and schedule completions

Assist with project close-out and post-construction meetings

Assist with the overall construction administration for smaller projects

Assist with the development, review, and maintenance of project schedules

Assist with Document control

Prepare project status and other reports

Attend various meetings including pre-design, pre-construction, pre-completion etc (along with  Production Manager)

Document Job status daily in “Job Log” in Co-Construct online project management system

Attend trainings/seminars as necessary for future growth potential possibilities

Maintain excellent client relations

Maintain safe working environment.




Must have Project Management experience. 

Ability to work independently while still contributing to the team

Willingness to help where needed for the benefit of the team

Available to work up to 50 hours per week if needed

Ability to communicate effectively with various levels of staff and personality types


Willingness to assist where needed and work as a team

Strong Organization skills

Ability to independently meet deadlines and remain on task

Must possess and maintain a valid state drivers license.